Applying for Support Crew

Applying for Support Crew

Support teams are a valuable and integral part of the gang and help is needed across all support crews.

We encourage all parents/supporters to assist in our support crews.

Applications are now open!  Click this link to complete your application now!

If you have skill in an area that is not listed, please tell us!!

Please note support crew are not required to audition.

All members over 18 years of age must hold a current Victorian “Working with Children Card”

To apply for a Working With Children Card, please use the details on this FAQ.


Do I have to be able to sew to help in costumes?? NO!

Our costume crew collate, fit, sew and create costumes each Tuesday night during rehearsals in the Syd James Hut, at Nichols Point and all help is always welcome!

Once in the theatre, our costume crew become costumes parents – helping dress the cast.

Set Construction

Our set construction crew meet at the set construction facility in Birdwoodton, this team build sets, paint and create hand props and then once in theatre become the backstage crew.

If you have any practical or artistic skills, or are just willing worker; you would be more than welcome in the crew. Set construction usually begins about April.

Parents and Supporters

Our parent and supporters team run our tuck shop at each rehearsals and cater for our weekend rehearsals.

Any funds raised are put back into purchasing equipment. Our merry band of parents and supporters will welcome you with open arms into the team.

Front of House

Our front of house team will require program sellers and ushers during the performance times.

If you are interested in helping our team assisting our audience, please complete an application form.


Can you sell Ice-Cream to Eskimo’s? If you have skills in these areas or links to possible sponsors, please let us know!

The admin team meet during each rehearsal.